UKPA Big Meet Up

It has been a very busy and exciting week. It was the schools data entry which meant there was a meeting with the Principal. Then there was all the coursework that needed preparing for external verification so work had been hectic but it is that time of year when the summer holiday is nearly with in sniffing distance as my very good friend Nicola used to say. 

Whilst work has been hectic. The excitement has been mouting on a facebook group called UK Planner Addicts. The admins have arranged for a meet up in Birmingham and the tickets went up for sale at 1pm on Friday ehich posed a real dilemma. As my class finishes at 13.10! After alot of multi tasking and a great class room activity I managed to bag a ticket! I am so very excited! It is very local, there will be plenty of You Tube personalities will be doing workshops and giving support on how they use various craft supplies so a real coup. Apparently they sold in 4mins!
Personally I am hoping to meet some locals whom would like to meet on a regular basis so I can meet like minded planner addicts! There seem to be lots of teachers who also are in the group and it would be nice to catch up with some. ( stationary and teachers so go together!).

Since purchasing my ticket I have ordered some countdown stickers and a Lifedesigner Planner which had a spring bank holiday special offer.
Good times ahead I feel!!