Whilst on a short break to the Yorkshire coast I was trying to plan a day to the beach, a few hours at the indoor pool and slides located on the park we were staying in that my husband said ‘Ranj do you ever relax?’ You fretted over the packing, what time we left to go on holiday, the time it took to get here and then every activity we have done. You are on holiday. SLOW DOWN.’

My initial reaction was to roll my eyes and think thats easy as I am the one the does all the ‘logistics’ but then the more I thought about it the more I thought there is actually alot of truth to this statement, more than I care to admit. 

It is the summer holidays and I am trying my hardest and damnest to get all the odd jobs done, almost regimental. And I am shattered. Then I get ratty and then emotional. Why is it then a surprise I cannot relax?

Is it a mum thing I was thinking? Is because you multi task so much that it makes you ‘switched on’ all the time?

Is it because the boys are very similar ages and therefore by default there is always something to do?

Whatever the reason or reasons, I need to slow down, and enjoy the fruits of my labour more.

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