UKPA Big Meet 2016

Its been a very eventful weekend for an autumn Saturday at the start of the term for me. You remember a few months ago I wrote about my excitement of being able to get a ticket for the Big Meet well the day soon arrived and it absolutely blew everyone away.

Earlier this year the UKPA team arranged for over 80 of us to meet up and enjoy our planners with similar minded people. As the planning of the day went ahead there was what can only be described as a snowball effect. The businesses that sell us the stickers, planners and ephemera started to show interest. More and more people wanted to be involved and by the time I arrived with my table 4 groupies the good bag was enormous. From brands such as Filofax (I ❤️ filofax) to Mrs Brimbles – my ever faithful monthly subscription box the bags were loaded to the brim.

We were all given table numbers and seating guides weeks ahead so most tables exchange numbers and got to know each other beforehand. I was on table 4 and it was a great table, we laughed at each other, with each other and ate plenty of chocolate too!

The day started off with a talk from Kristina Karlasson owner of Kikki K. She imparted her 11 rules which simply inspired me and the room full of women with their planners. There were lots of stalls set up who had heaps of planner related goodies for us all. It was just heavenly. The atmosphere around the whole event was just fun. It was the first time you felt you could go over and ask ‘can I see your planner’ without feeling like you are intruding into someones diary!

There were UKPA awards where one of our very own Dani won the filthiest minds award. Very well won given it is very true. And lets not forget the raffle, there were so many prizes that had been donated that they raffles off names until they ran out of prizes. I ought to add here that I won an A5 Purple Finsbury I could not wait to come home and talk planner to my husband.  And just like any other planner meet up there was the ultimate planner pile that everyone enjoyed.

Whilst driving home I reflected on the day. Somehow a group of women who had mostly been online friends managed to meet up, have fun and begun real life friends. That in itself is an achievement for UKPA but also for every woman who was there. It was fun. It was relaxing and most of all you could feel the electricity of people just enjoying each others company and talking to one another as if they had known each other for many years.

I also got to meet Steph who organises the group which was fab. I met Daisy Martin off mygreencow who I follow on YT and the wonderful Anna Brimbles to thank her for my stationary box that arrives each month. It was good to put names to faces and to see the real them.

If you are a planner nerd and love anything to do with planner goodies UKPA has it all.

As for next year a bigger venue is most certainly on the cards … here’s to 2017!

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