Holiday in Ayr, Scotland

We spent 7 glorious rain free days (yes your read that correctly) in Ayr. It was fun, busy and with most holidays we now have included a night in hospital with one of the boys.

We took the whole family to Ayr and when I say whole family I mean, my mother, and my parents in law. My sister also manged to come directly from Portugal where she was enjoying her first anniversary with her husband. 

My mums cousin lives there and its a beautiful place and we went last year and felt we needed to go again and take in its real beauty. So we packed up the cars and arrived ready to take in Ayr in all its finest.

We had plenty of cousins and the cousins had children so there was plenty of distraction for everyone.

We spent a day in Stirling at a Safari Park which we all loved.  There was plenty to do for all the family from the ferris wheel to adventure playgrounds to setting up your own private bbq. 

We had a cultural visit to the sikh temple that my parents wanted to do whilst we visited Glasgow so we went and saw the beautiful buildings as well as a dedicated museum to sikh history whilst we were there.

Ayr also has its own beach with an enormous adventure playground that the children wore themselves out in. The views were stunning and it felt good to smell the sea air. The tide was out so lots of fun was had making muddy sand castles and plenty of tantrums when we had to pack up and return. 

Finally we ate. And did we eat. The family in Scotland live a good get together so it was bbqs, meals out, takeaway and huge meals for all and sundry.  All in all minor minus the overnight in a hospital for a bug that the little one had caught everyone had fun and returned feeling that they had had a change of scenery and were refreshed. 


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