Thornwick Bay, Yorkshire

Its been a while since I wrote a blog and this has been for several reasons. All things craft came to a standstill once Easter arrives as it gets far too close for to the summer exams for me to focus on anything creative, but also the stress of the exams extracts any creative mojo I may have.
As a Principal examiner I have a big responsibility to ensure the processes for each exam season is followed along with the quality assurance so the results have some validity. This completely saps any energy I have so no crafts. 
So we are on our second summer getaway. We are in Bridlington and lovely town in Yorkshire not far from Scarborough and Whitby.

1. First thing I noted. The boys could not get their heads round an open plan kitchen/lounge and dining room. They screamed for over an hour running up and down the 12 foot of the caravan. My poor neighbours must have thought … ‘Here come the chavs’ they must have only heard us shouting at the boys to be quiet. I did feel for the elderly couple that were on one side who clearly own their caravan and probably thought they would have a quiet weekend away.

2. The rain. We woke up to rain at home and it followed us here. Good job I packed the boys wellies. Well done me.

3. While we bought our shopping in the local supermarket there was an offer on trucks and tractors. I bought them as the boys are mad on all types of transport at the moment. Good job I did they have not stopped playing with theirs or their cousins since we got here. Well done me.

4. Smacking each and every button in a lift causing the singleton eye rolls which I can very much relate to.

5. The indoor pool entertained them for ages! They did not and would not come out of it! 

A long weekend was enjoyed by all and was enough for some serious amount of family time! Perfect!



Whilst on a short break to the Yorkshire coast I was trying to plan a day to the beach, a few hours at the indoor pool and slides located on the park we were staying in that my husband said ‘Ranj do you ever relax?’ You fretted over the packing, what time we left to go on holiday, the time it took to get here and then every activity we have done. You are on holiday. SLOW DOWN.’

My initial reaction was to roll my eyes and think thats easy as I am the one the does all the ‘logistics’ but then the more I thought about it the more I thought there is actually alot of truth to this statement, more than I care to admit. 

It is the summer holidays and I am trying my hardest and damnest to get all the odd jobs done, almost regimental. And I am shattered. Then I get ratty and then emotional. Why is it then a surprise I cannot relax?

Is it a mum thing I was thinking? Is because you multi task so much that it makes you ‘switched on’ all the time?

Is it because the boys are very similar ages and therefore by default there is always something to do?

Whatever the reason or reasons, I need to slow down, and enjoy the fruits of my labour more.

Pipsticks Sticker Subscription

Pipsticks April pic.png

This is a teaser of only some of the stickers that arrived in my happy mail from the USA. I am so jealous as the stationary addicts over the pond have such a arge vaiety of shops to get their ‘fix’ from. This subscription box comes in two sizes a small one for around $7 and then this one which is approx $15. However if you want to get a discount I can refer you and you will be able to get a discount. If you do please leave a comment and like the page and I will getback to you on how you can get your discount.

The thing I like about this subscription is that I have very little time. I do not have the time to go out and about sticker finding. I am also very impatient I dont really have enough creativity to buy sticker themes, as I like in a way for the stickers to come and find me. I always feel that when I am presented by lots of stickers I never really can select what I really like or anything that goes well with other stickers. This makes buying stickers really difficult. ┬áBy having these beauties arrive once a month allows the headache to be taken out of the equation. I dont have to worry – have I spent another few pounds on something I am not keen on discussion I have with myself when I am buying stickers. This means when they arrive I can think about how I am going to decorate my smash book and how I am going to decorate any out going happy mail that I maybe thinking about. I also like the fact that there is a variety of types of stickers and the size of the stickers also vary so you really can use them on as many different things as possible.

I have done an unboxing vide of the April sticker pack if you would like to see what exactly has come in the pack here. If you like the video (link below), please give it a like and subscribe for videos of a similar nature.